Walks 10 to 12 Miles

Walks Between 10 and 12 Miles

Grisedale Pike and Grasmoor Circuit

Grasmoor From Crag Hill Trig Point
Peaks Climbed Grisedale Pike 791m - Grasmoor 852m - Wandope 772m - Crag Hill 839m - Sail 773m - Scar Crags 672m - Outerside 568m Route - Revelin Moss - Grisedale Gill - Sleet How - Grisedale Pike - Coledale Hause - Grasmoor - Wandope Moss - Wandope - Crag Hill - The Scar - Sail - Scar Crags - ...

Glaramara and Allen Crags From Seatoller

Glaramara Summit
Peaks Climbed Thornythwaite Fell 574m - Glaramara 783m - Glaramara [Looking Steads] 775m - Glaramara [Lincomb Head] 721m - High House 684m - Allen Crags 785m Route - Seatoller NT Car Park - Thornythwaite Fell - Glaramara - Looking Steads (Glaramara) - Lincomb Head (Glaramara) - High House (Allen ...

Great Calva, Hare Crag and Sale How from Blencathra Centre

Great Calva Summit
Peaks Climbed Great Calva 690m - Hare Crag 538m - Sale How 666m Route - Blencathra Centre Public Car Park - Cumbria Way - Skiddaw House - Great Calva - Cairn under Little Calva - Cross Cumbria Way - Hare Crag - River Caldew - Sale How - Skiddaw House - Cumbria Way - Blencathra Centre Public Car ...

Caw in the Dunnerdale Fells

Caw Summit Trig Point
Peaks Climbed Green Pikes 420m - Pikes 469m - Caw 529m - Brock Barrow 343m - Fox Haw 385m - Ravens Crag [Dunnerdale] 361m - The Knott [Dunnerdale] 284m Route - Seathwaite - High Greens - Green Pikes - Pikes - Caw - Long Mire - Brock Barrow - Brown Haw - Fox Haw - Stainton Ground - Ravens Crag ...

Taking A Route To Lining Crag

Lining Crag Summit
Peaks Climbed Lining Crag 542m - Low White Stones 731m - High Raise 762m - Sergeants Crag 571m Route - Stonethwaite Roadside - Stonethwaite - Smithymire Island - Greenup Gill - Lining Crag - Greenup Edge - Low White Stones - High Raise (High White Stones) - Low White Stones - Long Crag - ...

The Birkett Fells Around Upper Eskdale

Hard Knott Summit
Peaks Climbed Border End 522m - Hard Knott 549m - Yew Bank 499m - Throstlehow Crag 404m - Scar Lathing 439m - High Scarth 487m - Silverybield 395m - Dawsonground Crags 397m - Whin Crag [Eskdale] 353m - Goat Crag 312m Route - Roadside Parking near Brotherikeld - Hard Knott Pass - Hard Knott ...

Tarns On Claife Heights To Latterbarrow

Latterbarrow Summit
Peaks Climbed Claife Heights 270m - Latterbarrow 244m Route - Hawkshead - Colthouse - Rough Hows - Hollin Band Plantation - Wise Een Tarn - Moss Eccles Tarn - Scale Head on Claife Heights - Belle Grange Beck - Windermere - High Wray Bay - High Wray - Latterbarrow - Colthouse - Hawkshead ...

Buttermere To Dale Head Via The Honister Pass

Dale Head Summit Cairn
Peaks Climbed Dale Head 753m - Hindscarth 727m - Robinson 737m - High Snockrigg 526m Route - Buttermere NT Car Park - Buttermere - Buttermere Lake Shore - Pike Rigg Path around Lake - Hassness - Crag Wood - Lower Gatesgarth - Gatesgarth Farm - Honister Pass - Honister Hause - Yewcrag Quarries - ...

Remembrance On The Coniston Fells

Great Carrs Memorial
Peaks Climbed Swirl How 802m - Great Carrs 785m - Grey Friar 773m - Brim Fell 796m - The Old Man Of Coniston 803m - Brim Fell 796m Route - Coniston - YHA At The Mines - Levers Water Beck - Levers Water - Swirl Hause - Prison Band - Swirl How - Great Carrs - Grey Friar - Brim Fell - The Old Man ...

Carrock Fell And Beyond From Apronful Of Stones

High Pike Summit Trig Point And Bench
Peaks Climbed Carrock Fell 663m - Round Knott 603m - Miton Hill 607m - High Pike 658m - Hare Stones 627m - Great Lingy Hill 616m - Miller Moss [Little Lingy Hill] 609m - Knott 710m - Coomb Height 627m Route - Roadside Apronful Of Stones - Carrock Fell - Round Knott - Miton Hill - High Pike - ...

The Fells Around Lank Rigg

Lank Rigg Summit Trig Point
Peaks Climbed Blackley Raise 389m - Grike 488m - Crag Fell 523m - Whoap 511m - Lank Rigg 541m - Kinniside 375m - Latter Barrow 354m - Swarth Fell 335m - Burn Edge 320m Route - Roadside On Cold Fell Road - Blackley Raise - Grike - Crag Fell - Whoap - Lank Rigg - Boat How On Lank Rigg - Kinniside ...

Blencathra Fells From Mungrisedale

Blencathra From Gategill Fell Top
Peaks Climbed The Tongue 553m - Bowscale Fell 702m - Bannerdale Crags 683m - Blencathra [Atkinson Pike] 845m - Blencathra [Hallsfell Top] 868m - Blencathra [Gategill Fell Top] 851m - Blencathra [Blease Fell] 805m - Doddick Fell 742m - Scales Fell 682m - Souther Fell 522m Route - Mungrisedale ...

The Fells At The Back O'Skidda In Adverse Conditions

Longlands Fell Summit
Peaks Climbed Orthwaite Bank 348m - Little Cockup 399m - Great Cockup 526m - Meal Fell 550m - Great Sca Fell 651m - Frozen Fell 625m - Burn Todd 595m - Little Calva 642m - Great Calva 690m - Knott 710m - Little Sca Fell 633m - Brae Fell 586m - Lowthwaite Fell 509m - Longlands Fell 483m Route - ...

Crookdale Round Plus Tarn Crag

High House Bank Summit
Peaks Climbed Whatshaw Common 490m - Little Yarlside 518m - Great Yarlside 591m - Harrop Pike 637m - Tarn Crag [Sleddale] 664m - Grey Crag [Sleddale Fell] 638m - Lords Seat [Crookdale] 524m - Robin Hood 493m - High House Bank 495m Route - A6 Summit Near Crookdale Bridge - Whatshaw Common - ...

Arthurs Pike To Heughscar Hill From Pooley Bridge

Two Pillars With Ullswater Below From Bonscale Pike
Peaks Climbed White Knott 422m- Arthurs Pike 533m - Bonscale Pike 524m - Swarth Fell [Ullswater] 545m - Loadpot Hill 672m - Heughscar Hill 375m On a day forecast with prolonged heavy rain Ian and I met up in Pooley Bridge. Our goal was to reach Loadpot Hill via Arthurs Pike and Bonscale Pike. We ...

The Fells Between Dockray And The Dodds

Great Dodd Summit
Peaks Climbed Bracken How 373m - Round How 387m - Common Fell 552m - Watermillock Common 542m - Swineside Knott 553m - Brown Hills 553m - Birkett Fell 725m - Hart Side 756m - White Stones [Green Side] 795m - Stybarrow Dodd 843m - Watson's Dodd 789m - Great Dodd 857m - Randerside 729m - High Brow ...

Richards 214 ... Target Loughrigg Fell

Richards 214 - Loughrigg Fell
Peaks Climbed Pavey Ark 700m - Blea Rigg 541m - Castle How 500m - Swinscar Pike 411m - Lang How 414m - Silver How 395m - Loughrigg Fell 335m On the 18th June 2011 Richard Ratcliffe (of OFC fame) conquered Alfred Wainwrights 214 fells as mentioned in his 7 Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland ...

An OFC Outing To Burbage Edge And Shining Tor

Peaks Climbed Burbage Edge 500m - Cats Tor 522m - Shining Tor 559m An OFC outing in the Peak District. Thirteen walkers started from Derbyshire Bridge car park above the Goyt Valley and headed for Burbage Edge. Then it was a descent down Wildmoorstone to Errwood Reservoir and the Goyt Valley. Lunchtime refreshments were had at Errwood Hall before continuing to the Spanish Shrine. Then it was Pym Chair, Cats Tor and Shining Tor before descending down Stake Clough to Goyts Clough and the road ...

Wainwrights Central Fells Completed On High Tove

Peaks Climbed Walla Crag 379m - Bleaberry Fell 590m - High Seat 608m - Raven Crag 461m - Armboth Fell 479m - High Tove 515m This was a day of mixed fortunes and experiences. Mark and I drove to Ashness Bridge on the eastern side of Derwent Water and parked in the car park just beyond the bridge. There was lots of room in the car park as we were quite early for most I suspect. After putting on our boots and organising our rucksacks and equipment we eventually set off at about 8.55am. Although ...