Outlying Southern Fell

Gummers How And Birch Fell From Fell Foot Road

Birch Fell Summit
Peaks Climbed Gummers How 321m - Birch Fell 318m A walk that takes in two Birketts (one which was on my "to do" list). Route - Roadside Parking On Fell Foot Road - Gummers How - Birch Fell - Gummers How - Roadside Parking On Fell Foot Road

Stickle Pike In The Dunnerdale Fells

Stickle Pike Summit
Peaks Climbed Stickle Pike 375m - Great Stickle 305m - Tarn Hill 313m Route - Ulpha Church - Ulpha Bridge - Birks - Kiln Bank Cross - Stickle Tarn - Stickle Pike - Great Stickle - tarns on Tarn Hill - Tarn Hill - Birks - Ulpha Bridge - Ulpha Church A fairly short walk today in one of the most ...

A Circuit Of Devoke Water

Boathouse On Devoke Water
Peaks Climbed Rough Crag 319m - Water Crag 305m - The Knott On Stainton Fell 331m - White Pike On Birkby Fell 442m - Yoadcastle 494m - Woodend Height 487m - Seat How On Birker Moor 311m Route - Junction On Birker Fell Road - Rough Crag - Water Crag - Devoke Water - Birkby Fell - The Knott On ...

Caw in the Dunnerdale Fells

Caw Summit Trig Point
Peaks Climbed Green Pikes 420m - Pikes 469m - Caw 529m - Brock Barrow 343m - Fox Haw 385m - Ravens Crag [Dunnerdale] 361m - The Knott [Dunnerdale] 284m Route - Seathwaite - High Greens - Green Pikes - Pikes - Caw - Long Mire - Brock Barrow - Brown Haw - Fox Haw - Stainton Ground - Ravens Crag ...

Six Birkett Fells From The Corney Fell Road

Stoneside Hill Summit with Kinmont Buck Barrow, Great Paddy Crag and Buck Barrow on the horizon
Peaks Climbed Great Paddy Crag 532m - Buck Barrow 549m - Kinmont Buck Barrow 535m - Burn Moor 543m - Plough Fell 448m - Stoneside Hill 422m Walk Statistics Date 14 July 2012 Start Corney Fell Road Summit Time 3hrs 00mins Distance 6.00 Miles Alt Start 382 Metres Alt Max 549 Metres Ascent 410 ...

The Black Combe Group

Black Combe Summit Trig Point
Peaks Climbed White Hall Knott 311m - White Combe 415m - Stoupdale Head 472m - Black Combe 600m - Black Combe South Top 587m Walk Statistics Date 12 July 2012 Start A595 at Beckside Time 5hrs 30mins Distance 6.50 Miles Alt Start 58 Metres Alt Max 600 Metres Ascent 650 Metres Grid Ref SD 1527 ...

Four Birketts From The Walna Scar Road

White Maiden Summit
Peaks Climbed Walna Scar 621m - White Pike [Seathwaite] 598m - White Maiden 610m - High Pike Haw 354m Route - Fellgate - Walna Scar Road - Goatfoot Crags - Walna Scar - White Pike [Seathwaite] - White Maiden - nr Dropping Crag - High Pike Haw - Torver High Common - nr Low Long Crag - Goatfoot ...

Tarns On Claife Heights To Latterbarrow

Latterbarrow Summit
Peaks Climbed Claife Heights 270m - Latterbarrow 244m Route - Hawkshead - Colthouse - Rough Hows - Hollin Band Plantation - Wise Een Tarn - Moss Eccles Tarn - Scale Head on Claife Heights - Belle Grange Beck - Windermere - High Wray Bay - High Wray - Latterbarrow - Colthouse - Hawkshead ...

Back To School

School Knott Summit
Peaks Climbed a nameless summit on School Knott 247m - Grandsire 251m - School Knott 232m Route - Windermere Train Station - a nameless summit on School Knott - Grandsire - School Knott - Windermere Train Station As the weather was improving and I was near Windermere I decided to visit School ...

Across Birker Fell From The Ulpha To Eskdale Road

White How [Birker Fell] Summit
Peaks Climbed Great Worm Crag 427m - White How [Birker Fell] 444m - Green Crag 489m - Crook Crag 469m - Great Whinscale 427m - Kepple Crag 328m - Broad Crag [Birker Fell] 372m - Great Crag [Birker Fell] 333m I did not start on this walk until nearly lunchtime as the weather was not too clever ...

Top O'Selside From Nibthwaite NT Car Park

Top O'Selside Summit
Peaks Climbed High Light Haw 263m - Stang Hill 316m - Arnsbarrow Hill 322m - Top O'Selside 335m - Top O'Selside [Birkett] 334m It was a wet start to the day so I decided to hold off walking for a while. Eventually I set off from one of the most camoflaged NT Car Parks I have ever been to. I ...