Ascent 101 to 200 Metres

Walk Ascent Between 101 and 200 Metres

Across The Fields To The Eycott Hills

Eycott Hill
Peaks Climbed Eycott Hill 345m - Little Eycott Hill 335m Route - Along Mungrisedale Road - Ford - Naddles Beck - Eycott Hill - Little Eycott Hill - Naddles Beck - Path From Redmire - Along Mungrisedale Road I only had a window of a few hours as the weather was going to close in according to the ...

Great How From Thirlmere Dam

Great How Summit And Thirlmere
Peaks Climbed Great How 333m After a walk early in the day to the Top O'Selside on the eastern side of Coniston I decided to have a short walk from Thirlmere's dam to the Birkett of Great How. An easy path is taken above the shoreline of Thirlmere and through woods around the base of Great How. ...