Angletarn Pikes - North Summit
Angletarn Pikes - North Summit
Black Combe Summit Trig Point
Black Combe Summit Trig Point
The Roaches Summit Triangulation Pillar
The Roaches Summit Triangulation Pillar
The Deweys are mountains or hills in England, Wales or the Isle of Man that exceed 500 metres in height but are below 610 metres (2,000 feet) in altitude. It must be separated from adjacent tops by a height difference of at least 30 metres on all sides. The definition is similar to the Hewitts and Sims except that Hewitts must be above 2,000 feet and Sims above 600 metres.

The Deweys are named after the lists compiler Michael Dewey the list appearing as one of the chapters in his book Mountain Tables.

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The 432 Deweys Of England and Wales
NameRegionAreaGrid RefFeetMetresHill No
Allt ForganLlandovery to MonmouthBrecon BeaconsSO06517816835133528
Alston Moor - Middle FellThe Northern PenninesNorth Pennines EastNY75043719035803583
Amicombe Hill - Kitty TorCornwall & DevonDartmoorSX56787219165843650
Angletarn Pikes - North TopLake District - Eastern FellsFar Eastern FellsNY41314818605672579
Arant HawThe Northern PenninesYorkshire Dales NorthSD66294619856052771
Ard CragsLake District - Central & Western FellsNorth Western FellsNY20619719065812460
Axe Edge MoorLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesWhite PeakSK03570618085513629
Aye Gill PikeThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSD72088618245562802
Ayle CommonThe Northern PenninesNorth Pennines EastNY72450917195243599
Back TorLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesDark PeakSK19790917655383637
Banc BugeilynAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN82692518085513449
Banc BwlchygarregAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN72991817065203458
Banc Bwlchygarreg - West Top / Moel y Llyn East TopAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN71691416775113459
Banc DolwenSouth-West WalesSN79278717625373494
Banc Llechwedd-mawrAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN77589818375602166
Banc yr WynAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN74190216505033462
Beacon HillWelshpool to Hay-on-WyeSO17676717955472183
Beardown TorsCornwall & DevonDartmoorSX60277316835133658
Beda Fell - Beda HeadLake District - Eastern FellsFar Eastern FellsNY42817116705092595
Beinn Rein [Clagh Ouyr North Top]Isle of ManIsle of ManSC42590018045503338
Beinn-y-PhottIsle of ManIsle of ManSC38186017855443339
Bell Crags - Long Moss/Blea Tarn FellLake District - Central & Western FellsCentral FellsNY29814318345593567
Birnie BraeThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNT87120616675083559
Black Chew HeadLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesDark PeakSE05601917785423636
Black CombeSouthern CumbriaSouthern FellsSD13585419696002646
Black Crags - MickledenLake District - Central & Western FellsSouthern FellsNY25508019295883565
Black EdgeLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesWhite PeakSK06277016635073643
Black HagThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNT86123718015493548
Black HillLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesDark PeakSE07804619095822810
Blaen RhestrSouth-West WalesSN84469317955473487
Blake FellLake District - Central & Western FellsWestern FellsNY11019618805732462
Blaydike MossThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSD85277216735103626
Blea MoorThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSD77282517555353623
Bleaberry FellLake District - Central & Western FellsCentral FellsNY28519519365902458
BlorengeNeath to ChepstowBlack MountainsSO26911818415613532
Blotting Raise - Croglin FellThe Northern PenninesNorth Pennines WestNY59649519395913578
Boltslaw West - Bolt's LawThe Northern PenninesNorth Pennines EastNY94644917755413594
Boulsworth Hill - Lad LawLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesLancashireSD92935616965172816
Braich Ddu - Craig Cwm-llwydDolgellau to MachynllethCadair IdrisSH64512017915463435
Broadhope HillThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNT93223416965173555
Brondre-fawr HillWelshpool to Hay-on-WyeSO04178216675083475
Brown Clee HillShropshireSO59386717725402837
Brown HawThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSD99579919165843611
Brown KnollLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesDark PeakSK08385118675693628
Brownber HillThe Northern PenninesNorth Pennines WestNY70527517035193603
Brownhart LawThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNT78809316675083560
Brownley HillThe Northern PenninesNorth Pennines EastNY80250617495333596
BrynLlandovery to MonmouthBrecon BeaconsSO07322718445623517
Bryn BanogSnowdoniaMoel HebogSH57645717065203352
Bryn CochWelshpool to Hay-on-WyeSO12484816995183471
Bryn DuSouth-West WalesSN84580018445623482
Bryn Du - Y FawnenBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSJ14536018475633414
Bryn GlasBala to WelshpoolAransSH92221418315583416
Bryn y FedwenAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN84095317855443451
Bryn yr WynAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN83992516475023463
Bryniau GleisionLlandovery to MonmouthBrecon BeaconsSO08416017655383523
Bryn-llusBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSJ08540817975483417
Bryn-mawrBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH80144216775113397
Bryn-pigBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH76630617165233388
Buck BarrowSouthern CumbriaSouthern FellsSD15191018015492648
Bwlch MawrAnglesey and the Lleyn PeninsulaLleyn PeninsulaSH42647816705091953
Calf CragLake District - Central & Western FellsCentral FellsNY30110417625372472
Calf TopThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSD66485620006102797
Cam Rakes - Oughtershaw Common / Cocklee FellThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSD83980916505033627
Camlo HillWelshpool to Hay-on-WyeSO03769716705093473
Carling KnottLake District - Central & Western FellsWestern FellsNY11720317855443568
Carn Hyddgen - Carn GwilymAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN79290818575663445
Carn Pen-rhiw-dduCarmarthen to Vale of NeathBrecon BeaconsSN72618717555353525
Carnedd Das EithinBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSJ05123817095213426
Carnedd IagoBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH78240617655383379
Carnedd WenAberystwyth to WelshpoolSH92409917165232168
Carnedd y CribauSnowdoniaMoelwynsSH67653619395913341
CarraghanIsle of ManIsle of ManSC36884816405003340
Carreg CadnoLlandovery to MonmouthBrecon BeaconsSN87416117655383524
Carreg GochLlandovery to MonmouthBrecon BeaconsSN81817018315583519
Carter Fell - NE TopThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNT68205219005793541
Castle KnottThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSD65684117655383621
Cats TorLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesWhite PeakSJ99475917135223640
CawSouthern CumbriaSouthern FellsSD23094417365292651
Cefn CochBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSH92326619495943406
Cefn CochNeath to ChepstowSO22109318735713515
Cefn CroesSouth-West WalesSN80779918805733479
Cefn Cul - Waun LeuciLlandovery to MonmouthBrecon BeaconsSN86120618445623518
Cefn y CnwcSouth-West WalesSN77358817295273500
Cefn y CylchauLlandovery to MonmouthBrecon BeaconsSN75719718245563521
CeiswynDolgellau to MachynllethCadair IdrisSH74510917885452154
Cerrig CoediogBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSJ11338619425923407
Cerrig Gwaun-y-llanSouth-West WalesSN86577917655383491
Cilfaesty HillWelshpool to Hay-on-WyeSO12884017325282186
Clagh OuyrIsle of ManIsle of ManSC41488918085513337
Clee BurfShropshireSO59384216735103648
ClipBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaRhinogsSH65332719495943361
Clipyn Du - Tarren Bwlch-gwyn / Siambr TrawsfynyddAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN79993119095823444
Coed Nant-yr-hwchSouth-West WalesSN81755416575053513
Coity Mountain - Coety MountainNeath to ChepstowSO23107918965782289
Collier LawThe Northern PenninesNorth Pennines EastNZ01641716935163605
Combs HeadLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesWhite PeakSK04075716505033646
Corndon HillWelshpool to Hay-on-WyeSO30696916835132187
Cosdon Hill - South Tawton CommonCornwall & DevonDartmoorSX63691418045503651
Cracoe FellThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSD99358816665083682
Crag FellLake District - Central & Western FellsWestern FellsNY09714317165232476
Craig Bron-banogLlandudno to WrexhamHiraethogSJ01652016475023358
Craig DdrwgBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaRhinogsSH65633119555963359
Craig DolfudrBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH82831016995183392
Craig Dolfudr - North Top / Pennant-LliwBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH82231717035193391
Craig DyfnantSouth-West WalesSN87565517685393490
Craig FachSnowdoniaSnowdonSH63455219976092032
Craig FawrSouth-West WalesSN87963817035193506
Craig Llyn Du - Rhinog Fawr - North TopBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaRhinogsSH65529518145533373
Craig Nyth-y-Gigfran - Y Blaen LlymSnowdoniaMoelwynsSH68546418185543346
Craig PortasDolgellau to MachynllethCadair IdrisSH80114119856052153
Craig Portas - East TopDolgellau to MachynllethCadair IdrisSH80814219265873443
Craig RhiwarthBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSJ05427117455323423
Craig WenSnowdoniaCarneddauSH72960217985483347
Craig WionBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaRhinogsSH66431918575663370
Craig y Benglog - Moel Cae'r-defaid East TopBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH80524417235253387
Craig y Grut - LlawlechBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaRhinogsSH63121019325893363
Craig y LlynNeath to ChepstowSN90603119696002288
Craig yr HafodBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH88843717165233389
Cripiau S TopSouth-West WalesSN80282817195243503
Crug GynonSouth-West WalesSN80163817225253502
Crugyn LlwydWelshpool to Hay-on-WyeSO02479618735713465
Cuns FellThe Northern PenninesNorth Pennines WestNY64736717685393595
Cut HillCornwall & DevonDartmoorSX59882719786032879
Cyrniau y LlynBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSJ00024416965173428
Cyrn-y-BrainLlandudno to WrexhamSJ20848818545652040
Dead Man's HillThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSE05878317915463619
Deadwater FellThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNY62597118735713542
Dibyn DuSouth-West WalesSN79165517425313499
DisgwylfaLlandovery to MonmouthBrecon BeaconsSN81517817855443522
Disgwylfa FawrAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN73784716635072169
Domen MilwynSouth-West WalesSN80871918215553484
DrosgolAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN75987818045502167
Drum DduSouth-West WalesSN97160417655383492
Dry Rigg - Redburn CommonThe Northern PenninesNorth Pennines EastNY90644718575663586
DrybeddAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN77283318575663446
Dunkery BeaconSouth Central EnglandExmoorSS89141517035192889
Dunmoor HillThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNT96718218675693543
Eglwyseg MountainLlandudno to WrexhamSJ23146416775113356
Esgair BerfaDolgellau to MachynllethCadair IdrisSH63709516635073440
Esgair CloddiadSouth-West WalesSN82457317455323498
Esgair GanolSouth-West WalesSN87977117265263501
Esgair PenygarregSouth-West WalesSN92668717495333497
Esgair y LlwynSouth-West WalesSN89373517655383493
Esgair y Maesnant - SE TopAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN84285616605063461
Fair Snape FellLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesForest of BowlandSD59747217095212815
Featherbed TopLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesDark PeakSK09092017855443634
Ffordd Gefn - Bryn GwynBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSJ03324017685393420
Ffridd yr Allt-llwydBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH79729616405003404
Foel BenddinBala to WelshpoolAransSH85316517815433419
Foel BoethBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH83433717755413378
Foel BoethBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaMoelwynsSH80447716705093399
Foel CwmcerwynSouth-West WalesSN09431117595362208
Foel FadianAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN82895318505643448
Foel Fawr - Mynydd MaentwrogBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH72639417325283384
Foel FenlliLlandudno to WrexhamClwydian HillsSJ16460016765112045
Foel FigenauBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSH91628419365903408
Foel FraithLlandovery to MonmouthBrecon BeaconsSN75618319756022265
Foel FrasAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN76592617365293454
Foel GochSnowdoniaSnowdonSH57056319856052035
Foel GrafiauAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN76592017365293455
Foel LwydSnowdoniaCarneddauSH72072319786032036
Foel Tyn-y-fron - Moel y Pawl / Cefn CochBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSH91825719886062127
Foel UchafAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN80291118545653447
Foel y GeifrDolgellau to MachynllethCadair IdrisSH71605016905153436
Foel Ystrodur FawrBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH81434016995183393
Foel-boethBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH86443019555963360
Foel-frasBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaMoelwynsSH72848119235863365
Fron-wenWelshpool to Hay-on-WyeSO18166017915463467
Garn GronSouth-West WalesSN74061017755413489
Garn PrysBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH88748317495333382
Garn WenSouth-West WalesSN84545916775113509
Garnedd FawrBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH93742318675693369
Gavel FellLake District - Central & Western FellsWestern FellsNY11618317265262474
GeifasSouth-West WalesSN81972818775723480
Girdle Fell - White CragsThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNT69701717595363551
Glan HafonBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSJ08027219956082126
Glascwm HillWelshpool to Hay-on-WyeSO16952517135223470
Glendhu HillThe Scottish Border to the River TyneKielderNY56886316865143556
Godre FynyddDolgellau to MachynllethCadair IdrisSH75609716675083439
Gopa UchafSouth-West WalesSN72959016705093511
Gors LydanWelshpool to Hay-on-WyeSO12676817325283469
Gorsedd BranLlandudno to WrexhamHiraethogSH96959716995183355
Graig DduBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH88842917625373380
Graig GochDolgellau to MachynllethCadair IdrisSH71408419235863433
Graig WenBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH73939418245563371
Great CockupLake District - Northern FellsNorthern FellsNY27333317265262347
Great How - Eskdale FellLake District - Central & Western FellsSouthern FellsNY19704017135223571
Great KnipeThe Northern PenninesNorth Pennines WestNY87114416935163606
Great Links TorCornwall & DevonDartmoorSX55086719325893649
Great Mell FellLake District - Eastern FellsEastern FellsNY39625317625372583
Great Mis TorCornwall & DevonDartmoorSX56276917655383652
Great PinseatThe Northern PenninesYorkshire Dales NorthNY97002619135833582
Green BellThe Northern PenninesYorkshire Dales NorthNY69801019856052772
Green CragLake District - Central & Western FellsWestern FellsNY20213017325283569
GrizedalesThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSD86864318145533616
GwastadNeath to ChepstowSO23405418085513535
Gwaunceste HillWelshpool to Hay-on-WyeSO15855517785422184
Gyrn DduAnglesey and the Lleyn PeninsulaLleyn PeninsulaSH40146717135221952
Gyrn MoelfreBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSJ18429317165232132
Hameldown - Hamel DownCornwall & DevonDartmoorSX70579917455323653
Hand LakeThe Northern PenninesYorkshire Dales NorthNY64700616405003608
Hangingstone HillCornwall & DevonDartmoorSX61786119786032880
Hard KnottLake District - Central & Western FellsSouthern FellsNY23102318015492469
Hard RiggThe Northern PenninesNorth Pennines EastNY74948717915463592
Harland HillThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSE02884217555353624
Harter FellThe Northern PenninesYorkshire Dales NorthNY72100217095213602
Hatterrall HillLlandovery to MonmouthBlack MountainsSO30825617425313526
Haystacks - ButtermereLake District - Central & Western FellsWestern FellsNY19313219595972457
Hazelgill KnottThe Northern PenninesYorkshire Dales NorthSD67299618965783584
Height of Hazely - Carlton MoorThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSE03785918145533617
Hen CombLake District - Central & Western FellsWestern FellsNY13218116705092481
High DoddLake District - Eastern FellsFar Eastern FellsNY41518216445013574
High Green Field KnottThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSD84578419756022801
High GreygritsThe Northern PenninesYorkshire Dales NorthNY87608817135223600
High SeatLake District - Central & Western FellsCentral FellsNY28718019956082455
High SnockriggLake District - Central & Western FellsNorth Western FellsNY18616917265263570
High Wether HoweLake District - Eastern FellsFar Eastern FellsNY51510917425312585
Higher White TorCornwall & DevonDartmoorSX61978517295273655
Hirwaun CommonNeath to ChepstowSN94203516905153539
HookseyThe Northern PenninesYorkshire Dales NorthNY68500819235863580
HooveThe Northern PenninesYorkshire Dales NorthNZ00307118185542773
Horse Head MoorThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSD89476919986092798
Horse Stone NazeLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesDark PeakSK15897517295273638
Horseshoe HillThe Northern PenninesNorth Pennines EastNY98544817035193604
Howden Edge - High StonesLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesDark PeakSK18794318045503630
Hungry LawThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNT74706116445013561
Illgill HeadLake District - Central & Western FellsSouthern FellsNY16804919986092454
Iron BandThe Northern PenninesNorth Pennines WestNY83718818475633588
KensgriffThe Northern PenninesYorkshire Dales NorthSD68899218835743585
Knott RiggLake District - Central & Western FellsNorth Western FellsNY19718818245562465
Lank RiggLake District - Central & Western FellsWestern FellsNY09111917755412471
Lint LandsThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNT90216216735103558
Little FellThe Northern PenninesYorkshire Dales NorthNY76600918345593589
Little Mell FellLake District - Eastern FellsEastern FellsNY42324016575052598
Little WhernsideThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSE02877619826042800
Llan Ddu Fawr - Waun ClaerdduSouth-West WalesSN79070419495942207
Llanfihangel Hill - Colva HillWelshpool to Hay-on-WyeSO19455317455322185
Llechwedd Ddu - CarnbwlchcloddiauSouth-West WalesSN85378618345593483
Llechwedd Hirgoed - SE TopAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN82083217555353453
Llechwedd Hirgoed - West TopAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN81383617655383452
Llechwedd LlwydSouth-West WalesSN83881317555353495
Lledwyn MawrBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSH90528717295273425
Long Mynd - Pole BankShropshireSO41594416935162840
Lord's SeatLake District - Northern FellsNorth Western FellsNY20426518115522345
Lord's Seat - Crookdale / High House FellLake District - Eastern FellsFar Eastern FellsNY51806617195242587
Lord's Seat - Rushup EdgeLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesDark PeakSK11183417985483632
Lowthwaite FellLake District - Northern FellsNorthern FellsNY27834716705093564
Mam TorLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesDark PeakSK12783616965173641
Manod BachBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaMoelwynsSH71444716775113398
Marial Gwyn - Foel GochLlandudno to WrexhamHiraethogSH99955617035192044
Meal FellLake District - Northern FellsNorthern FellsNY28333718045502346
Mellbreak - Mellbreak South TopLake District - Central & Western FellsWestern FellsNY14818616805122479
Mellbreak - North TopLake District - Central & Western FellsWestern FellsNY14319416705093572
MeugherThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSE04470418865753612
Middle FellLake District - Central & Western FellsWestern FellsNY15007219095822459
Mill HillLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesDark PeakSK06190417855443635
Moel Cae-howelBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSH97833016675083430
Moel Cae'r-defaid - West TopBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH80024617425313383
Moel DyrnogyddSnowdoniaMoelwynsSH69549117195243351
Moel EilioSnowdoniaCarneddauSH74765917915463348
Moel EmoelBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH93740218015493376
Moel EunantBala to WelshpoolAransSH94623818645683412
Moel FamauLlandudno to WrexhamClwydian HillsSJ16162618425622041
Moel FarlwydBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaMoelwynsSH70748618935773366
Moel FeityLlandovery to MonmouthBrecon BeaconsSN84823019395913514
Moel Hen-facheBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSJ10928117095213427
Moel Hyddgen - Pen y DarrenAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN76494317365293456
Moel HywelWelshpool to Hay-on-WyeSO00271216575053478
Moel Llygoed - Mynydd Coch - West TopBala to WelshpoolAransSH92519319625983405
Moel MeirchSnowdoniaMoelwynsSH66150319986092034
Moel Morfydd - Llantysilio MountainLlandudno to WrexhamSJ15945718045503353
Moel MorwynionBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaRhinogsSH66330616995183394
Moel OernantBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH74234016505033401
Moel WnionSnowdoniaCarneddauSH64969719035803344
Moel y Faen - Llantisilio MountainLlandudno to WrexhamSJ18547517985483354
Moel y FeidiogBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH78132418935773367
Moel y GaerLlandudno to WrexhamSJ16646316545043357
Moel y GamelinLlandudno to WrexhamSJ17646518935772039
Moel y GydrosBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH91445317095212043
Moel y GyrafolenBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaRhinogsSH67235217555353381
Moel y LlynAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN71291617095213457
Moel YmenynBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH83934618045503375
Moel yr HenfaesBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSJ07738519165843410
Moel yr Henfaes - East TopBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSJ09937419826042128
Moel yr Wden - Bwlch y BiBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH78035618775723368
Moel-dduSnowdoniaMoel HebogSH57944218145532037
MoelfreBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaRhinogsSH62624519325892080
MoelfrynSouth-West WalesSN93572017135223505
MonksideThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNY68594916835133557
Moudy MeaThe Northern PenninesYorkshire Dales NorthNY87111517135223601
Murton PikeThe Northern PenninesNorth Pennines WestNY73423119495943576
Mwdwl-eithinLlandudno to WrexhamHiraethogSH91754017455322042
Mynydd BlaengwynfiNeath to ChepstowSS90597317325283537
Mynydd Braich-gochDolgellau to MachynllethCadair IdrisSH72907219595973432
Mynydd Bryn-llechBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH80531417885453377
Mynydd CaerauNeath to ChepstowSS89094418215553534
Mynydd Carn-y-cefnNeath to ChepstowSO18708418045502290
Mynydd Coch - East TopBala to WelshpoolAransSH93819618675693411
Mynydd CwmeiddewDolgellau to MachynllethCadair IdrisSH75010616635073441
Mynydd EgrynBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaRhinogsSH62319516965173395
Mynydd Fron-fraithDolgellau to MachynllethCadair IdrisSH74711716865143437
Mynydd LlangorseLlandovery to MonmouthBlack MountainsSO15926616905152268
Mynydd LlangynidrLlandovery to MonmouthBlack MountainsSO12315118275573520
Mynydd Maes-glas - Mynydd ClywedogBala to WelshpoolAransSH91414717455323424
Mynydd MawrBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSJ13228617525343422
Mynydd NodolBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH86539317685392081
Mynydd Rhyd-galed - Tarrenhendre - East Top]Dolgellau to MachynllethCadair IdrisSH69904316475023442
Mynydd TonNeath to ChepstowSS94994017555353536
Mynydd TrawsnantSouth-West WalesSN82148416965173507
Mynydd TroedLlandovery to MonmouthBlack MountainsSO16529219986092263
Mynydd Tywi - East TopSouth-West WalesSN77960617885453488
Mynydd Tywi - Pen y Maen - North TopSouth-West WalesSN77360517985483486
Mynydd YnyscorrwgNeath to ChepstowSS88798016475023540
Mynydd Ystradffernol - Mynydd Tynewydd - West TopNeath to ChepstowSN93600916995183538
Nateby Common - Tailbridge HillThe Northern PenninesYorkshire Dales NorthNY80305317955473591
Naughtberry HillThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSD97681718805733613
Newton TorsThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNT90826917625373550
North BarruleIsle of ManIsle of ManSC44290918545651946
North Hessary TorCornwall & DevonDartmoorSX57874216965173656
Nyth-grugWelshpool to Hay-on-WyeSO17060617655383468
Oliver HillLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesWhite PeakSK02767516835133642
OrdduBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH96342318215553372
OutersideLake District - Central & Western FellsNorth Western FellsNY21121418645682464
Oxnop CommonThe Northern PenninesYorkshire Dales NorthSD92494719165843581
Pant y CreigiauLlandovery to MonmouthBrecon BeaconsSO05616118545653516
Pant-llwydSouth-West WalesSN83269218015493485
Park FellThe Northern PenninesNorth Pennines WestNY69745516775113607
Park FellThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSD76476918475633614
Parson's PulpitThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSD91868717655383622
Peel FellThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNY62599719756022311
Pegwn MawrWelshpool to Hay-on-WyeSO02381219235862182
Pen Creigiau'r LlanAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN74593916635073460
Pen DihewydSouth-West WalesSN77879616835133508
Pen Foel-y-ffriddBala to WelshpoolAransSH89118816865143429
Pen Lan-fawrSouth-West WalesSN89074917165233504
Pen Ochr y Bwlch - CamlanBala to WelshpoolAransSH80917218505643413
Pen Trum-gwrDolgellau to MachynllethCadair IdrisSH65102916805123438
Pen y Bedw - East TopBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaMoelwynsSH78447017315283385
Pen y Bwlch GwynBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH93241116475023402
Pendle HillLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesLancashireSD80441418275572813
Penrhiw-wenSouth-West WalesSN92570916775113510
Pickerstone RidgeThe Northern PenninesYorkshire Dales NorthSD99494618545653587
Pike RiggThe Northern PenninesNorth Pennines EastNY72953917225253598
Pool HillWelshpool to Hay-on-WyeSO17775316935163472
Preston HillThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNT92223717265263554
Priddellau - Esgair NantybeddauSouth-West WalesSN85467717525343496
Proctor High MarkThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSD93767617425313625
Ravens KnoweThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNT78006217295273553
Red HillWelshpool to Hay-on-WyeSO15650016705093474
Redshaw Moss - Snaizhold FellThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSD81384617885453620
Renwick Fell - Thack MoorThe Northern PenninesNorth Pennines WestNY61146219986092770
RhialgwmBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSJ05521117725402131
Rhiwaedog-uwch-afonBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSH93831317685393421
Rhobell GanolBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH78527417095213390
Rhobell-y-bigBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaArenigsSH78228216545043400
Rhwng y DdwynantBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSH97824819295883409
Roman FellThe Northern PenninesNorth Pennines WestNY75420319495943577
Rosthwaite Fell - BessybootLake District - Central & Western FellsSouthern FellsNY25812418085512467
Ryder's HillCornwall & DevonDartmoorSX65969016905153657
Rye Loaf HillThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSD86463317955473618
SallowsLake District - Eastern FellsFar Eastern FellsNY43603916935162590
SeatLake District - Central & Western FellsWestern FellsNY18513418415613566
Seat RobertLake District - Eastern FellsFar Eastern FellsNY52611416905152592
Sergeant's CragLake District - Central & Western FellsCentral FellsNY27311318735712463
Shill MoorThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNT94315317325283552
Shillhope LawThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNT87309616445012314
Shining TorLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesWhite PeakSJ99473718345592812
ShutlingsloeLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesWhite PeakSJ97669516605063644
Sighty CragThe Scottish Border to the River TyneKielderNY60180917065202313
Simon's SeatThe Northern PenninesYorkshire Dales NorthSD65999919265873579
Skiddaw - DoddLake District - Northern FellsNorthern FellsNY24427316475022349
Souther FellLake District - Northern FellsNorthern FellsNY35429117135222348
St Raven's EdgeLake District - Eastern FellsFar Eastern FellsNY40608319465933573
Stanky HillWelshpool to Hay-on-WyeSO16376416605063477
Steel Fell - Dead PikeLake District - Central & Western FellsCentral FellsNY31911118145532466
Steeperton TorCornwall & DevonDartmoorSX61888717455323654
Sugar LoafLlandovery to MonmouthBlack MountainsSO27218719555962266
Swinklebank Crag - Ancrow Brow / nameless Bannisdale HorseshoeLake District - Eastern FellsFar Eastern FellsNY50004918215553325
SychnentyddSouth-West WalesSN90972416675083512
Tarn Seat - Conny Tammy Currack / The FleakThe Northern PenninesYorkshire Dales NorthSD95694318085513590
Tarren Cwm-ffernolDolgellau to MachynllethCadair IdrisSH65902318085513434
The Forest - Borrowdale Head / nameless Bannisdale HorseshoeLake District - Eastern FellsFar Eastern FellsNY52703517325283326
The NabLake District - Eastern FellsFar Eastern FellsNY43415218905762577
The RoachesLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesWhite PeakSK00163816575053645
The SchilThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNT86922319726012312
Thirl MoorThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNT80608318315583546
Tir RhiwiogBala to WelshpoolAransSH92916217885453418
Titterstone Clee HillShropshireSO59177917495332839
Tor y FoelLlandovery to MonmouthBlack MountainsSO11419418085512267
Twr Pen-cyrn - Mynydd LlangatwgLlandovery to MonmouthBlack MountainsSO20214417365293527
Twyn Crugyrafan - Graig FawrNeath to ChepstowSS92095418345593533
TwynwalterLlandovery to MonmouthBrecon BeaconsSN82817516705093529
Uldale HeadThe Northern PenninesYorkshire Dales NorthNY64000017455323597
Ullister HillLake District - Northern FellsNorth Western FellsNY20926017225253562
Vivod MountainBala to WelshpoolBerwynsSJ16940018345593415
Ward's StoneLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesForest of BowlandSD59158718475632811
Warren HillWelshpool to Hay-on-WyeSO14377716635073476
Watch HillThe Northern PenninesNorth Pennines WestNY62446019826043575
Werfa - Mynydd LlangeinwyrNeath to ChepstowSS91294718645683531
West FellThe Northern PenninesYorkshire Dales NorthNY67001517785423593
West NabLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesDark PeakSE07608716405003647
Wether Cairn - Wholhope HillThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNT94011618475633544
Whetstone RidgeLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesWhite PeakSK00170817955473633
WhimbleWelshpool to Hay-on-WyeSO20562619655993464
Whin Rigg - WasdaleLake District - Central & Western FellsSouthern FellsNY15003517555352473
Whinlatter TopLake District - Northern FellsNorth Western FellsNY19624917225253563
White HillLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesForest of BowlandSD67358717855442814
White Howe - BannisdaleLake District - Eastern FellsFar Eastern FellsNY52304117395302586
White RidgeCornwall & DevonDartmoorSX64882116605063659
WhitfellSouthern CumbriaSouthern FellsSD15892918805732647
Wold FellThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSD79084818315583615
WoldsideThe Central PenninesYorkshire Dales SouthSD87583019555963610
Wolfhole CragLancashire, Cheshire & the Southern PenninesForest of BowlandSD63357817295273639
Wool MeathThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNY70199818115523547
Y Domen FawrNeath to ChepstowSO16607116545043530
Y FoelAberystwyth to WelshpoolSN83884217915463450
Y Gamallt - Graig GochBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaMoelwynsSH75144719295883364
Y GamriwSouth-West WalesElan ValleySN94461119826042206
Y GarneddBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaMoelwynsSH74243118115523374
Y Garnedd - North Top / Moel GamalltBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaMoelwynsSH74344016475023403
Y Glog - Draws DrumSouth-West WalesSN79080818775723481
Y GribinBala to WelshpoolAransSH84317719756022129
Y Ro WenBarmouth to Betws-y-Coed and BalaMoelwynsSH74549819495943362
Yarnspath LawThe Scottish Border to the River TyneCheviotsNT88413217815433549
Yr AlltLlandovery to MonmouthBrecon BeaconsSN90520019826042264
Yr ArdduSnowdoniaMoelwynsSH67350719325893342
Yr EiflAnglesey and the Lleyn PeninsulaLleyn PeninsulaSH36444718505641951
Yr OrseddSnowdoniaCarneddauSH69371518345593345