Kinder Low From Edale Via Ringing Roger & Jacobs Ladder

Ringing Roger
Peaks Climbed
Ringing Roger 550m - Nether Tor 570m - Upper Tor 604m - Kinder Low 633m

Walk Statistics
Date 6 October 2012
Start Edale Main Car Park
Time 5hrs 10mins
Distance 9.50 Miles
Alt Start 268 Metres
Alt Max 633 Metres
Ascent 800 Metres
Grid Ref SK 1228 8598
Weather Sunny Intervals and Cloudy Later
With No One

Peak Climbed Classification
Ringing Roger None
Nether Tor None
Upper Tor None
Kinder Low TP

Route - Edale Car Park - Grindsbrook Booth - Ringing Roger - Nether Tor - Upper Tor - Crowden Tower - Wool Packs - Kinder Low - Edale Rocks - Swines Back - Jacobs Ladder - Lee House - Upper Booth - Pennine Way - Grindsbrook Booth - Edale Car Park

Kinder Scout Map
Kinder Scout Map

A second walk in the Peak District in such a short space of time. Afrer not walking in the area for so long this year it seemed strange to be somewhere close to home again. The weather overnight was wet and cloudy but the forecast was for it all to clear - and that is exactly what it did. As I drove into the car park at Edale the first glimpses of blue sky could be seen.

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