What flowers are there?What flowers are there?
What flowers are there?22-Apr-2011 11:14
River Dove at Ilam RockRiver Dove at Ilam Rock
River Dove at Ilam Rock07-Nov-2010 12:01
Skiddaw from the ascent of BinseySkiddaw from the ascent of Binsey
Skiddaw from the ascent of Binsey23-Jul-2009 08:19
Cliff scenery on path to Robin Hoods BayCliff scenery on path to Robin Hoods Bay
Cliff scenery on path to Robin Hoods Bay09-Sep-2009 08:03
Shadows in Stickle TarnShadows in Stickle Tarn
Shadows in Stickle Tarn02-Sep-2010 11:33
A steepening pathA steepening path
A steepening path07-Sep-2009 15:19
Hollins FarmHollins Farm
Hollins Farm03-May-2010 10:23
Ladybower from Whinstone Lee TorLadybower from Whinstone Lee Tor
Ladybower from Whinstone Lee Tor04-Apr-2009 14:31
Mam TorMam Tor
Mam Tor30-May-2009 13:19
Snowdrops At Hopton HallSnowdrops At Hopton Hall
Snowdrops At Hopton Hall16-Feb-2014 11:44
Descending to EskdaleDescending to Eskdale
Descending to Eskdale24-Sep-2009 13:48
Brae Fell SummitBrae Fell Summit
Brae Fell Summit23-Jul-2009 11:56
Jacks RakeJacks Rake
Jacks Rake02-Sep-2010 12:07
Looking back down the beckLooking back down the beck
Looking back down the beck17-Apr-2010 11:45
Great End from Esk PikeGreat End from Esk Pike
Great End from Esk Pike13-Aug-2010 15:00
Catbells in the sun!!Catbells in the sun!!
Catbells in the sun!!13-Nov-2010 13:59
Hard Knott TarnHard Knott Tarn
Hard Knott Tarn24-Sep-2009 13:13
An icy poolAn icy pool
An icy pool10-Apr-2010 12:58
A blue view across DerwentwaterA blue view across Derwentwater
A blue view across Derwentwater07-Feb-2015 10:16
Another close up of St George.Another close up of St George.
Another close up of St George.03-Jun-2011 07:37