Northern Fell

Northern Lakeland Fell Listed In Book 5 of The Pictorial Guides By Alfred Wainwright

From The Calva's To White Hause

White Hause Summit
Peaks Climbed Great Calva 690m - Little Calva 642m - White Hause 464m Route - Peter House Farm - Cumbria Way - Whitewater Dash - Great Calva - Little Calva - White Hause - Dash Farm - Path To Horsemoor Hills - Peter House Farm

A Very Wet Walk From Mungrisedale

Bowscale Fell Summit
Peaks Climbed Bowscale Fell 702m - Bannerdale Crags 683m Route - Mungrisedale Village - Bowscale Fell - Bannerdale Crags - Mungrisedale Village The weather forecast was for wet and windy conditions from 11.00am onwards. Mark and I travelled to Mungrisedale to complete two more Wainwrights on his ...

Great Calva, Hare Crag and Sale How from Blencathra Centre

Great Calva Summit
Peaks Climbed Great Calva 690m - Hare Crag 538m - Sale How 666m Route - Blencathra Centre Public Car Park - Cumbria Way - Skiddaw House - Great Calva - Cairn under Little Calva - Cross Cumbria Way - Hare Crag - River Caldew - Sale How - Skiddaw House - Cumbria Way - Blencathra Centre Public Car ...

Dodd To Carl Side Returning By Ullock Pike

Skiddaw Dodd Summit
Peaks Climbed Skiddaw Dodd 502m - Carl Side 746m - Long Side 734m - Ullock Pike 690m - Watches 333m Route - Dodd Wood Car Park Bassenthwaite - Skill Beck - Long Doors - Skiddaw Dodd - Long Doors - White Stones - Carl Side - Long Side - Ullock Pike - The Edge - Kiln Pots - Ling How - Watches - ...

Over Skiddaw To Cockup

Skiddaw Summit
Peaks Climbed Watches 333m - Ullock Pike 690m - Long Side 734m - Carl Side 746m - Skiddaw Middle Top 928m - Skiddaw 931m - Skiddaw North Top 922m - Broad End 831m - Bakestall 673m - Cockup 505m Route - Walk Mill Bridge - Watches - Ullock Pike - Long Side - Carl Side - Skiddaw Middle Top - ...

Carrock Fell And Beyond From Apronful Of Stones

High Pike Summit Trig Point And Bench
Peaks Climbed Carrock Fell 663m - Round Knott 603m - Miton Hill 607m - High Pike 658m - Hare Stones 627m - Great Lingy Hill 616m - Miller Moss [Little Lingy Hill] 609m - Knott 710m - Coomb Height 627m Route - Roadside Apronful Of Stones - Carrock Fell - Round Knott - Miton Hill - High Pike - ...

Blencathra Fells From Mungrisedale

Blencathra From Gategill Fell Top
Peaks Climbed The Tongue 553m - Bowscale Fell 702m - Bannerdale Crags 683m - Blencathra [Atkinson Pike] 845m - Blencathra [Hallsfell Top] 868m - Blencathra [Gategill Fell Top] 851m - Blencathra [Blease Fell] 805m - Doddick Fell 742m - Scales Fell 682m - Souther Fell 522m Route - Mungrisedale ...

The Fells At The Back O'Skidda In Adverse Conditions

Longlands Fell Summit
Peaks Climbed Orthwaite Bank 348m - Little Cockup 399m - Great Cockup 526m - Meal Fell 550m - Great Sca Fell 651m - Frozen Fell 625m - Burn Todd 595m - Little Calva 642m - Great Calva 690m - Knott 710m - Little Sca Fell 633m - Brae Fell 586m - Lowthwaite Fell 509m - Longlands Fell 483m Route - ...

The Blencathra Group From Mungrisedale

Peaks Climbed Souther Fell 522m - Blencathra [Hallsfell Top] 868m - Blencathra [Atkinson Pike] 845m - Mungrisedale Common 633m - Bannerdale Crags 683m - Bowscale Fell 702m On a lovely sunny start to the day I set off from Mungrisedale for Souther Fell. The ascent is quite steep but there are great views from the summit. I then descended to Mousethwaite Comb and followed the River Glenderamackin and then Scales Beck to Scales Tarn. As I had already climbed Sharp Edge on a previous walk I ...