North Western Fell

North Western Lakeland Fell Listed In Book 6 of The Pictorial Guides By Alfred Wainwright

Knott Rigg And Ard Crags From Little Town

The sun shines over Ard Crags from Ill Crag
Peaks Climbed Knott Rigg 556m - Ill Crag [Newlands] 546m - Ard Crags 581m - Aikin Knott 473m The morning started with dark skies and hail storms. I had parked up in Little Town to complete two more of my second round Wainwrights. After getting my walking gear on and found that it was still ...

Grisedale Pike and Grasmoor Circuit

Grasmoor From Crag Hill Trig Point
Peaks Climbed Grisedale Pike 791m - Grasmoor 852m - Wandope 772m - Crag Hill 839m - Sail 773m - Scar Crags 672m - Outerside 568m Route - Revelin Moss - Grisedale Gill - Sleet How - Grisedale Pike - Coledale Hause - Grasmoor - Wandope Moss - Wandope - Crag Hill - The Scar - Sail - Scar Crags - ...

Lords Seat Circuit Ends Up As Plan B

Lords Seat Summit
Peaks Climbed Graystones 452m - Broom Fell 511m - Lords Seat 552m - Barf 469m - Seat How [Thornthwaite] 496m - Ullister Hill 525m - Tarbarrel Moss 493m - Whinlatter Top 525m - Whinlatter [Brown How] 517m Route - Spout Gill Car Park - Darling How Plantation - Graystones - Widow Hause - Broom Fell ...

A Walk To The Lowest Wainwright

Castle Crag Summit
Peaks Climbed Castle Crag 298m Route - Roadside Parking At Borrowdale Gales Hotel Grange - Holmecrag Wood - Broadslack Gill - Allerdale Ramble - Castle Crag - Allerdale Ramble - Lingy Bank - Cumbria Way (Allerdale Ramble) - High Hows Wood - Low Hows Wood - Hollows Farm - High Close - Roadside ...

Hopegill Head Via The Slabs

Ladyside Pike From Hopegill Head Summit
Peaks Climbed Swinside 509m - Ladyside Pike 703m - Hopegill Head 770m - Gasgale Crags 703m - Whiteside East Top 719m - Whiteside 707m - Dodd [Lorton] 454m Route - Hopegill Gated Road - Swinside - Ladyside Pike - The Slabs - Hopegill Head - Gasgale Crags - Whiteside East Top - Whiteside - Dodd ...

An Ascent Of Barf

Bassenthwaite Lake From Barf
Peaks Climbed Barf 469m Route - Swan House Thornthwaite - Beckstones Gill - Barf - Beckstones Gill - Swan House Thornthwaite I have been staying at a cottage which is part of Swan House at Thornthwaite this week. Directly across the road and looking skywards is Barf. I could not resist a short ...

Grisedale Pike ... And Again

Hobcarton End From Grisedale Pike
Peaks Climbed Kinn 374m - Grisedale Pike 791m - Hobcarton Crag [Hobcarton Head] 739m - Hopegill Head 770m - Sand Hill 756m - Hobcarton End 634m Route - Whinlatter Pass Braithwaite - Kinn - Sleet How - Grisedale Pike - Hobcarton Crag - Hobcarton Head - Hopegill Head - Sand Hill - Hobcarton Crag ...

Buttermere To Dale Head Via The Honister Pass

Dale Head Summit Cairn
Peaks Climbed Dale Head 753m - Hindscarth 727m - Robinson 737m - High Snockrigg 526m Route - Buttermere NT Car Park - Buttermere - Buttermere Lake Shore - Pike Rigg Path around Lake - Hassness - Crag Wood - Lower Gatesgarth - Gatesgarth Farm - Honister Pass - Honister Hause - Yewcrag Quarries - ...

Hopegill Head Via Whiteside From Hopebeck

Whiteside Ridge
Peaks Climbed Dodd [Lorton] 454m - Whiteside [East Top] 719m - Whiteside [West Top] 707m - Gasgale Crags 703m - Hopegill Head 770m - Sand Hill 756m - Hobcarton Crag [Hobcarton Head] 739m Route - Gated Road Hopebeck - Dodd [Lorton] - Whiteside [East Top] - Whiteside [West Top] - Gasgale Crags - ...

Whinlatter Fells From Spout Force

Broom Fell Summit Cairn
Peaks Climbed Graystones [Birkett] 456m - Kirk Fell [Lorton] 438m - Graystones 452m - Broom Fell 511m - Lords Seat 552m - Barf 469m - Ullister Hill 525m - Tarbarrel Moss 493m - Whinlatter Top 525m - Whinlatter [Brown How] 517m Route - Spout Force Car Park - Graystones [Birkett] - Kirk Fell ...