Whinlatter Top

Whinlatter Top Summit
Whinlatter Top Summit

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A Few Facts About Whinlatter Top

Location -
Whinlatter Top is a small fell in the North Western Fells of the Lake District just north of the Whinlatter Pass. It is easily climbed from the top of the Whinlatter Pass through the Forestry Commission plantations. The Whinlatter Visitor's Centre a popular tourist attraction is on the south side of the fell. The hill is part of a horseshoe around the valley of Aiken Beck. The fells name originates from a combination of the Old Norse and Gaelic languages. With the Old Norse word 'hvin' meaning gorse or furze and the Gaelic word 'lettir' meaning slope the name translates as "The Gorse or furze-covered slope."

Birkett Fell -
Whinlatter Top is classified as a Birkett and is ranked number 299. There has been some debate to whether Winlatter Top or Whinlatter - Brown How should be classed as the true summit. Whinlatter - Brown How is just a short distance away on the summit ridge.

Summit -
The summit of Whinlatter Top bears a cairn at it's top. The view is poor except for the close-ups of Hopegill Head and Grisedale Pike across the pass showing their full craggy glory on this side. Through Whinlatter Pass there is also a sight of the Helvellyn range and Skiddaw group. Whinlatter Top stands at 525 metres (1,722 feet).
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Birkett, Dewey, Synge

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