Armboth Fell - Birkett

Armboth Fell
Armboth Fell

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A Few Facts About Armboth Fell - Birkett

A Solitary Fell Top -
Surrounded by boggy ground Armboth Fell is one of the more difficult fells to access in the winter time. The Wainwright Fell Top is a rocky mound with a few small stones on a large flat rock for a cairn and the Birkett Fell Top is a grassy mound with a few stones several metres away from the Wainwright Summit.

Looking For A View -
The view from the summit is not one of the best in Lakeland but if you walk down to Fisher Crag (a Birkett) the views over Thirlmere and looking towards Helvellyn are fantastic.

A Central Location -
Armboth Fell has a claim as being the most centrally situated fell in the Lake District. AW suggests that if lines were drawn between northern and southern boundaries and between eastern and western boundaries then the lines would bisect in and around Armboth Fell.

Ridge Routes To Other Fells -
Ridge routes exist to High Tove (1 mile North West) and to Ullscarf (3 miles South).
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Birkett, Fellranger, Synge

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