Robinson Summit
Robinson Summit

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A Few Facts About Robinson

Location -
Robinson is in the North Western Fells of the Lake District its southern slopes descending to Buttermere while its northern side is set in the Newlands Valley. Paths lead to the summit from the village of Buttermere from the nearby summit Dale Head and from various locations in the valleys to the north. According to Alfred Wainwright the name Robinson comes from a Richard Robinson who purchased estates in the Buttermere area many centuries ago. These included this unnamed hill which was then called "Robinson's Fell" later shortened to Robinson.

Ascents -
Buttermere Village provides a popular starting point a good path leading up via High Snockrigg. Another route from Buttermere begins further south at Hasness working around Goat Crag to join the main path above the moss. Access can also be gained from the Honister Pass road from a point near the first bridge over the beck at about 500 feet. The north east ridge provides an excellent walk from the Newlands valley rising up successive steps.

Summit -
The top is rounded and mainly of grass but there are two low outcrops of rock with loose stones between. The more westerly of these is the summit and bears a cairn. There is another prominent cairn at the top of the north east ridge. From below this appears to be the summit but disappointment awaits anyone so deceived by the convex slope. Paths run to Buttermere, Littledale Edge and the north east ridge, once the grass is reached. The view is robbed of foreground by the broad plateau of the summit. All of the principal groups with the exception of the Far Eastern Fells are in sight.
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Birkett, Bridge, Buxton & Lewis, English Nuttall, Fellranger, Hewitt, HuMP, Marilyn, North Western Fell, Nuttall, Sim, Synge, Tump, Wainwright

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