Latterbarrow Summit
Latterbarrow Summit

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A Few Facts About Latterbarrow

Location -
Latterbarrow is a fell located in Southern Lakeland on the west side of Windermere and north east of Hawkshead.

Outlying Wainwright Fell -
Latterbarrow is a fell mentioned in Wainwright's "The Outlying Fells Of Lakeland". He says that "Latterbarrow is well known by sight if not by name, it's elegant obelisk being prominently in view from Hawkshead and the Ambleside district". Latterbarrow is the property of the National Trust.

Summit -
The summit of Latterbarrow has a large obelisk which can be seen for miles around and it stands at 244 metres (801 feet).
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Hill / Mountain Class(s)
200-299 Metre Hill, Tump, Wainwright Outlying

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