White Side

White Side Summit
White Side Summit

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A Few Facts About White Side

Location -
White Side is a hill in the Eastern Fells of the Lake District. It is situated to the east of Thirlmere and to the west of Glenridding valley. This places White Side in the Helvellyn range, with Raise to the north and Helvellyn Lower Man to the south, both of which are of greater height. The western and eastern faces of White Side are quite different in appearance. The eastern face is predominantly crag and scree falling abruptly to Keppel and Brown Coves. In contrast the western face falls gently to Thirlmere the upper parts being mainly grass. The lower parts do provide some rock, such as Brown Crag, but these are generally outcrops rather than true crags. A great steep-sided hollow is gouged out of the eastern face, just north of the summit. This is the corrie of Kepple Cove backed by Red Screes. Kepple Cove once contained an artificial tarn although today the bed is merely marshy except after heavy rain. The water from the tarn was used in a hydroelectric scheme to drive electric winding gear at Greenside Mine. Commissioned in 1891 this was the first such system in the country. It continued in use until the night of 29 October 1927 when the Kepple Cove dam burst during a heavy storm leaving an 80 foot (24 metre) wide gap in the earthworks. The resulting wave passed down the valley and through Glenridding village flooding buildings and causing extensive damage. The breached dam can still be seen today.

Whats In A Name -
Strictly the name White Side refers to the western slope of a nameless summit. However it is often applied to the whole fell for convenience as was done by Alfred Wainwright. He gave White Side the status of a separate fell, a position followed by other guidebook writers. Wainwright suggested that the fell name could have come from the quartz found on the western slope.

Summit -
The summit bears a small cairn in a sea of grass with the main ridge path crossing the highest point. Other than north and south where higher fells intervene, the view is good. White Side stands at 863 metres (2,831 feet).
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Birkett, Easten Fell, English Nuttall, Fellranger, Hewitt, Nuttall, Sim, Synge, Wainwright

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