Ullock Pike

Ullock Pike Summit
Ullock Pike Summit

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A Few Facts About Ullock Pike

Location And Name-
Ullock Pike is a fell situated in the Northern Fells of the Lake District. It is located four miles north west of Keswick and stands at a height of 690 metres (2,264 feet). The fell sits on Skiddaw’s south western ridge along with two other fells [Long Side and Carl Side]. Alfred Wainwright comments: “There is no doubt in my mind that by far the best approach to the top of Skiddaw is by way of its north-west ridge. This offers a fine expedition along a narrow crest in exciting surroundings and provides excellent views throughout … for the collector of summits here are three waiting to be picked off in addition to Skiddaw”. The fell's name comes from the Old Norse language and translates as "The peak where the wolves play". With úlfr meaning wolf and leikr meaning play there is records that the fell was called Ulvelaik in the 13th century.

Ascents -
There are two possible starting points for the ascent of Ullock Pike from the north the one from the Ravenstone Hotel at grid reference NY235296 is hampered by a lack of parking space but does have a bus stop (there is parking in Dodd Wood 1 mile to the south). The other starting place is at NY236310 on the minor road to Orthwaite both routes utilise the northern ridge to climb the fell there is a significant false top which is in view for a long time before the true summit is attained.

Summit -
The top of the fell is a small neat spot carpeted with heather which gives a fine all round view even though it is curtailed by the bulk of Skiddaw to the east. There is a cairn with a flat pile of stones. The views to Bassenthwaite Lake and beyond are excellent.
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Birkett, Fellranger, Northern Fell, Synge, Wainwright, x Nuttall

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