Long Side

Long Side Summit
Long Side Summit

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A Few Facts About Long Side

Location -
Long Side is in the Northern Fells of the Lake District and is situated about four miles north west of Keswick and is part of the Skiddaw group of fells. Long Side which reaches a height of 734 m (2,408 feet) is located on Skiddaw’s north western ridge the middle section of which is known as Longside Edge. Strictly speaking the actual summit of the fell is nameless with the name Long Side applying to the south western slope below the summit and is so marked on maps. The fell is often climbed by walkers on their way to the summit of Skiddaw the route up the north west ridge which passes over Ullock Pike and Long Side and is regarded as being the finest and quietest ascent of that 3,000-foot (910 metre) mountain by guide book writers.

Classification -
Long Side is classed as a Birkett, a Wainwright, a Nuttall, and a Hewitt.

Summit And Views -
The summit of Long Side is marked by a pile of stones. There is a fine view of Bassenthwaite Lake. To the east Skiddaw is seen as a massive bulk blocking out much of the view in that direction.
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Hill / Mountain Class(s)
Birkett, Bridge, Buxton & Lewis, English Nuttall, Fellranger, Hewitt, Northern Fell, Nuttall, Sim, Synge, Tump, Wainwright

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