Slight Side

Slight Side Summit
Slight Side Summit

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A Few Facts About Slight Side

Location -
Slight Side is a fell in the Southern Fells of the Lake District and it stands at a height of 762 metres (2,500 feet). Slight Side lies at the south western edge of the Scafell Massif a two and a half mile long crescent of high ground. The fells names derives from the Old Norse language and means "The mountain shieling with the level pastures" it is a combination of the Norse words "sletta" and "saetr". With a shieling meaning a shepherds hut or a mountain pasture used in the summer. When viewed from the valley of Eskdale the fell is seen as a distinct peak but in reality it is just the terminal point on Scafell’s southern ridge before it descends steeply to Eskdale. Slight Side is steep and craggy on all sides except to the north where the ridge runs to Scafell.

Ascents -
The Ascent of Slight Side is started from Eskdale and is usually done in conjunction with the ascent of Scafell and possibly Scafell Pike as well. The ascent starts from the hamlet of Boot and takes the path which passes Eel Tarn and Stony Tarn before crossing bouldery ground to climb the broad ridge to the summit.

Summit -
The summit of Slight Side is a fine rocky peak and is listed by Alfred Wainwright as one of the six best summits in the Lake District calling it “rocky, shapely and well defined and can be attained only by a rough final scramble”. The highlight of the view from the summit is the vista westward towards the sea. There are also excellent views towards Scafell as well as dramatic views back down to Great Moss. The summit cairn has a few stones on a rocky top.
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Birkett, Fellranger, Southern Fell, Synge, Wainwright, x Nuttall

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