Border End

Border End Summit
Border End Summit

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A Few Facts About Border End

Location -
Border End lies just half a mile to the south of Hard Knott Summit and overlooks the Hard Knott Pass. The Hardknott Pass joins Eskdale with the Duddon Valley. There is a steep single-track motor road over the pass with gradients of up to 30% (1 in 3) reaching a maximum height of 393 metres (1,289 feet). Also below Border End is the Hardknott Roman Fort which stands at a height of about 200 metres (656 feet) on the lower slopes of the western ridge as it descends into Eskdale. Hardknott Roman Fort is an archeological site the remains of the Roman fort Mediobodgdum. Built between about 120 and 138 the fort was abandoned during the Antonine advance into Scotland during the mid-2nd century. The fort was reoccupied around 200 and continued in use until the last years of the 4th century. A Roman road from Ravenglass to Ambleside once crossed the pass although by a slightly different route.

An Excellent View -
A fabulous view of Eskdale and the Hard Knott Roman Fort can be had from Border End which is just half a mile to the south of Hard Knott Summit. The area is covered with lots of rocky knolls of which Border End is just one of them. The summit has a reasonable sized cairn and views to other fells in the area are excellent.

Classification -
Border End is one of the 541 Birketts listed in Bill Birketts best-selling book "Complete Lakeland Fells".
Hill / Mountain Class(s)
Birkett, Sub Dewey, Synge

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