Walna Scar

Walna Scar Summit
Walna Scar Summit

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A Few Facts About Walna Scar

Location -
Walna Scar is a hill in the Southern Fells of the Lake District lying just south of a pass of the same name in the Coniston Hills. Its summit at 621 metres (2,037 feet) is only slightly higher than the pass but few reach it preferring instead to head north from the top of the pass to Dow Crag and the other Coniston Fells. Nevertheless Walna Scar in itself provides a satisfying walk and on a good day has great views over Coniston (the lake and the village) and across Morecambe Bay.

Highest Outlying Wainwright Fell -
Walna Scar is the highest of Wainwright's The Outlying Fells of Lakeland. He describes an ascent from Coniston continuing past the main summit to a second summit at White Maiden before returning to the south. Walna Scar is usually climbed from Coniston but can be climbed just as easily from the Duddon Valley. Both routes meet at the top pass of the Walna Scar Road and then head south to the summit. Geologically Walna Scar contains a rich seam of distinctively striped slate which was quarried until the early 20th century. This was widely used for flooring in the North of England. The quarry can still be seen today on the slopes overlooking the Duddon Valley.

Birkett Fell -
Walna Scar is ranked number 207 in height in the full Birkett listing.

Summit -
The summit of Walna Scar has a cairn with a few stones on a grassy top.
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Birkett, English Nuttall, Fellranger, Nuttall, Synge, Wainwright Outlying

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