Black Combe - South Top

Black Combe South Top Summit Cairn
Black Combe South Top Summit Cairn

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A Few Facts About Black Combe - South Top

Location -
Black Combe - South Top is a Birkett fell which overlooks the sea and is just below the main summit of Black Combe. It stands in isolation some 10 miles away from any higher ground.

Classification -
Black Combe - South Top is only a Birkett although other fells nearby are classified by Wainwright as "Outlying Fells".

What's In A Name -
Clearly visible in views of Black Combe from the south and east is the large dark-coloured glacial corrie known as Blackcombe from which the fell derived its name. Such corries are often known as combes in English place names a word cognate with the Welsh word cwm.

Summit And Views -
The summit of Black Combe - South Top is 1,286 feet due south from the peak of Black Combe and has a large cairn which is easily visible with the naked eye from Millom and the surrounding area. Between this cairn and the top in a shallow valley lies a small tarn. Towards the sea views extend from the Cumbrian coast round to the Isle of Man 45 miles due west then round to Snowdon which may be seen on days of exceptionally good visibility 85 miles to the south to the coast of Lancashire. Closer by there are good views over the Duddon Estuary Millom and the new wind farm just offshore.
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