White Combe

White Combe Summit
White Combe Summit

Walks By Hill: Birkett, Wainwright Outlying
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A Few Facts About White Combe

Location -
White Combe is a fell in the south-west corner of the Lake District National Park just four miles from the Irish Sea and close to it's neighbour Black Combe. It lies near the west coast of Cumbria in the borough of Copeland and more specifically in the ancient district of Millom. It stands at 417 metres (1,368 feet).

Birkett Fell -
White Combe is ranked number 438 in height in the full Birkett listing. It is also an Outlying Wainwright Fell.

Summit -
The summit of White Combe has a very large pile of stones which also acts as a windshelter at it's top.
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Birkett, Wainwright Outlying

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