Great Dodd

Great Dodd Summit
Great Dodd Summit

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A Few Facts About Great Dodd

Location -
Great Dodd stands on the main spine of the Helvellyn range in the Eastern Fells between the Vale of St John and Dockray. The Helvellyn range runs broadly north-south for about 7 miles remaining above 2,000 feet (600 metres) throughout its length. Great Dodd is near to the northern end of this ridge with Clough Head to the north and Watson's Dodd to the south. The fell is a typical "Dodd" with a smoothly rounded profile clad primarily in grass and bracken. Great Dodd lays claim to a wide tract of land to the north east descending gradually over five miles to the vicinity of Troutbeck. Great Dodd is the highest of the Dodds at 857 metres (2,812 feet).

Summit And View -
The summit area of Great Dodd is a short ridge with the highest point at the north west end marked by a small cairn. A larger wind shelter lies to the south east. Another cairn lies part way down the western slope on the path to Clough Head marking the minor top of Little Dodd. The view is good with much of the Lake District and a portion of the northern Pennines in sight.
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Birkett, Bridge, Buxton & Lewis, Easten Fell, English Nuttall, Fellranger, Hewitt, HuMP, Nuttall, Sim, Synge, Tump, Wainwright

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