Calfhow Pike

Calfhow Pike Summit
Calfhow Pike Summit

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A Few Facts About Calfhow Pike

Location -
Calfhow Pike is a small top which forms part of the Dodds Group of fells (part of the Helvellyn range) between Clough Head and Great Dodd. The small rocky top can be seen from the valley below (St John's In The Vale) as a "bump" on the skyline. The connecting ridge from Great Dodd begins westerly before swinging north around the head of Mosedale the boundary between Great Dodd and Clough Head. The halfway point is marked by Calfhow Pike (2,165 feet) which is a tor. This would be unremarkable in other parts of the district but here the lone rocky island in a sea of fell-grass is a landmark for miles around. North of Calfhow Pike is a col at 2,020 feet (620 metres) before the broad ridge makes directly for the summit of Clough Head.

Summit -
The summit of Calfhow Pike is marked by a pile of stones on a rocky tor.
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Birkett, Bridge, Synge, x Nuttall

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