Ladyside Pike

Ladyside Pike Summit
Ladyside Pike Summit

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A Few Facts About Ladyside Pike

Location -
Ladyside Pike is a fell located in North Western Lakeland below Hopegill Head. It may be climbed from Hopebeck near Lorton or visited after descending from Hopegill Head.

Birkett Fell -
Ladyside Pike is ranked number 137 in height in the full Birkett listing. It is also classified as a Nuttall and a sub Hewitt. I am not really sure why this was not one of Wainwright's fells. It is a fell that stands on it's own and from some angles looks like a true mountain.

Summit -
The summit of Ladyside Pike has a cairn on a grassy pointed top and stands at 703 metres (2,306 feet).
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Hill / Mountain Class(s)
Birkett, Bridge, Buxton & Lewis, English Nuttall, Nuttall, Sub Hewitt, Synge

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