Yoadcastle Summit
Yoadcastle Summit

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A Few Facts About Yoadcastle

Location -
Yoadcastle is a fell in the Southern Fells of the Lake District. It lies a short distance away from the Birker Fell Road. It is part of the Whitfell Group. One of the chapters of Alfred Wainwright's The Outlying Fells of Lakeland is a circular walk anticlockwise around Devoke Water starting and finishing on the road to the east. He describes the summits Rough Crag, Water Crag, White Pike, Yoadcastle, Woodend Height and Seat How.

Birkett Fell -
Yoadcastle is ranked number 347 in height in the full Birkett listing.

Summit -
The summit of Yoadcastle has a cairn with a small pile of stones perched on a rocky top. The views to Devoke Water and beyond are excellent. Yoadcastle stands at 494 metres (1,621 feet).
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Hill / Mountain Class(s)
400-499 Metre Hill, Birkett, Fellranger, Synge, Tump, Wainwright Outlying

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