Water Crag

Water Crag Summit
Water Crag Summit

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A Few Facts About Water Crag

Location -
Water Crag is a hill in the Southern Fells of the Lake District. It is located north of Devoke Water and can be accessed from the Birker Fell Road. Water Crag is part of the Whitfell Group of fells.

Birkett Fell -
Water Crag is ranked number 540 in height in the full Birkett listing. This makes it the second lowest Birkett Fell in height.

Summit -
The summit of Water Crag has a pile of stones on a rock and surrounded by grass. It stands at 305 metres (1,001 feet). The views to Devoke Water are excellent.
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Hill / Mountain Class(s)
300-399 Metre Hill, Birkett, Synge, Tump, Wainwright Outlying

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