Ard Crags

Ard Crags Summit
Ard Crags Summit

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Peaks Nearby: Ill Crag [Newlands] 546m - Knott Rigg 556m - Aikin Knott 473m

A Few Facts About Ard Crags

Location -
Ard Crags is a fell situated in the Newlands Valley just off the minor road between Keswick and Buttermere. The Ordnance Survey officially records the fell's altitude at 581 metres (1,906 feet) considerably more than the approximate 1,860 feet that Alfred Wainwright attributed to it in his Pictorial Guide to the North Western Fells. Viewed from Rigg Beck or certain parts of the Newlands Valley Ard Crags presents a clearly defined and pyramidal shape.

Ascents -
The fell is linked by a ridge to Knott Rigg and most walkers will climb both hills together in the same walk. There are two possible starting points one is at Rigg Beck in Newlands and goes directly up the eastern ridge passing the outcrop of Aikin Knott after which the ridge narrows considerably to reach the heather covered summit which gives a precipitous view of Newlands. The alternative starting point is the car park at Newlands Hause which stands at an altitude of 333 metres (1,093 feet) the summit of Knott Rigg is crossed first before continuing onto Ard Crags.

Summit And Views -
The narrow ridge is carpeted with heather the top marked by a small cairn. The view from the summit is severely restricted in a north and westerly direction by the higher Eel Crag to Causey Pike ridge the best feature of the view is the aerial view of the Newlands valley while Scafell Pike can be glimpsed eight miles away through a gap in the hills to the south.
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Birkett, Dewey, Fellranger, HuMP, North Western Fell, Synge, Tump, Wainwright

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