Ill Crag - Newlands

Ard Crags from Ill Crag [Newlands] Summit
Ard Crags from Ill Crag [Newlands] Summit

Walks By Hill: Birkett, Synge
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Peaks Nearby: Knott Rigg 556m - Ard Crags 581m - Aikin Knott 473m

A Few Facts About Ill Crag - Newlands

Location -
Ill Crag - Newlands is a fell in the North Western Lake District at the head of the Newlands Valley. It stands at a height of 546 metres (1,791 feet).

Ascents -
The easiest ascent of Ill Crag is started from the car park at Newlands Hause. This gives the advantage of starting at a height of 333 metres giving an easy vertical ascent of just over 200 metres. An alternative start can be made from further down the Newlands valley either at Keskadale Farm or Rigg Beck. The latter route goes over Ard Crags first before continuing to Ill Crag.

Summit And Views -
The view from the summit is partly restricted by the surrounding higher hills of the Coledale and Buttermere Fells. However there are good views along the ridge in either direction to Knott Rigg or Ard Crags. The summit has a small expanse of bare rock.
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Birkett, Synge

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