Baystones - Wansfell

Wansfell Summit And Windermere
Wansfell Summit And Windermere

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A Few Facts About Baystones - Wansfell

Location -
Wansfell is a fell in the Far Eastern Fells of the Lake District which is situated 1.5 miles east of the town of Ambleside. The fell is part of the long southern ridge of Caudale Moor and occupies the swathe of territory between Ambleside and the Troutbeck valley. Wansfell has an extensive summit ridge with two tops, the highest point of the fell is called Baystones.

Whats In A Name -
The fell's name is thought to originate from the Old Norse language and can draw a parallel with Wansdyke in Somerset in that it is named after the main Norse god and means “Wodens Fell”.

Summit -
The highest point of Wansfell is called Baystones and is a grassy hummock marked by a cairn with a pile of stones. Wansfell stands at 487 metres (1,597 feet).
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Hill / Mountain Class(s)
400-499 Metre Hill, Far Eastern Fell, Fellranger, HuMP, Sub Marilyn, Tump, Wainwright

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