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A Totally New Website

Walk The Lakes

Rising from the ashes of the old website "Walk The Lakes" comes "Peak And Fell Walking" ... a brand new site which has been totally redesigned. Over the next few months all the pages will be populated with photos, walks and lots of detailed information. The main aim is to give the visitor all the information they need for a good days walk whether it be on the Fells and Mountains or down a Valley or Dale.

Detailed Walks

StatisticsEvery walk will show detailed statistics as well as the starting point and the route taken. Obviously there will also be plenty of photographs from each walk ... some showing more than others depending on the weather. Other information will include the Peaks (or Fells) climbed during the walk (with their Peak Classification ... for example Birketts, Marilyns or Wainwrights etc) as well as a detailed OS Map of the route.

Hill Bagging

The Roaches Summit Triangulation PillarWatch this website for up and coming walks. At the moment I am concentrating on completing my first round of Birketts in the Lake District (13 to go), as well as my second round of Wainwrights (29 to go). In between these targets I will be completing other walks in the Peak District and Snowdonia.

Britains National Parks

Lake District National ParkPeak and Fell Walking will show walks from most of Britains National Parks. However the majority will be from the Lake District and the Peak District followed by Snowdonia. These areas are the closest to where I live and therefore have easy access to. There are currently 15 National Parks in England Scotland and Wales. The Peak District was the first designated National Park in 1951. The Lake District, Snowdonia and Dartmoor were created in the same year.

Ashbourne Shrovetide

Ashbourne ShrovetideThis is a unique game played in the Derbyshire town of Ashbourne which lies on the edge of the Peak District National Park. The game has been played annually in the town for hundreds of years although a Roll Of Honour has been kept since 1891. The earliest surviving reference to the game is from 1683 when Charles Cotton wrote in Izaac Walton's 'The Compleat Angler'. People who have "Turned Up" the ball include HRH The Prince of Wales (1928 and 2003), Sir Stanley Matthews (1966), Brian Clough (1975) and Roy McFarland (1982).

Ashbourne Shrovetide - The Recent Years

17th Feb 2015 and 18th Feb 2015
4th Mar 2014 and 5th Mar 2014
12th Feb 2013 and 13th Feb 2013
21st Feb 2012 and 22nd Feb 2012
8th Mar 2011 and 9th Mar 2011
16th Feb 2010 and 17th Feb 2010
24th Feb 2009 and 25th Feb 2009
5th Feb 2008 and 6th Feb 2008
20th Feb 2007 and 21st Feb 2007
28th Feb 2006 and 1st Mar 2006

Peak Well Dressings

Tissington Well DressingsWell Dressings have been associated with Derbyshire (in the Peak District) for a very long time. The origins of Well Dressings are said to date back to pagan traditions and were undertaken in giving thanks for the purity of the water drawn from certain wells during the period of the Black Death. It has been said to have originated in the village of Tissington in Derbyshire in 1349.

Well Dressings - The Recent Years

29th May 2014 – 4th June 2014
9th May 2013 – 15th May 2013
17th May 2012 - 23rd May 2012
2nd June 2011 - 8th June 2011
13th May 2010 - 19th May 2010
21st May 2009 - 27th May 2009
1st May 2008 - 7th May 2008
17th May 2007 - 23rd May 2007
25th May 2006 - 31st May 2006
28th May 2005 - 4th June 2005

Middle Mayfield
14th June 2014 - 20th June 2014
15th June 2013 - 21st June 2013
23rd June 2012 - 29th June 2012
18th June 2011 - 24th June 2011
19th June 2010 - 25th June 2010
20th June 2009 - 26th June 2009

Latest Walks .....

Snelston And Snowdrops

Peaks Climbed None Full details and photos to follow ... Route - Snelston and Area Photos from the walk can be seen ...

Curbar And Froggatt Edges

Peaks Climbed None A lovely walk amongst the snow and ice on Curbar and Froggatt Edges. I had travelled to the east ...

Hen Cloud And The Roaches

Peaks Climbed Hen Cloud 410m - The Roaches 505m Today was an early morning start to explore Hen Cloud and The ...
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